Letters in Support

Below are just some of the letters sent in support of the ACV application. They have been edited for clarity and to remove identifying details.

Kington Langley,sadly, no longer has a functioning pub and lacks community meeting places.

... it has been very difficult to find places to meet since the closure of The Plough inn and we have taken to using the church room at St Peters (up until coronavirus struck).

This was not ideal and limited the type of meeting we could hold and numbers we could have due to space.

We struggle to hold relaxed social events due to licensing costs and we had to stop evening meetings or use a pub from another village, which didn’t sit right with us due to travel.

As a registered local charity we would value the use of the Plough Inn and would love to be able to create links again if the Plough were to be re- opened as a pub.

I do not have to tell you of the historical value the The Plough inn has and I feel this should have been taken into better consideration when the pub was sold - as a pub.  I have been outraged to learn that parts of The Plough's historical features have been removed and burnt. This shows complete disregard to the history of the pub and indicates that the new owners have no intentions of it being re opened as a pub. Burning the signs was a big give away!

How has this been allowed ?!

The Plough creates a great link between the two Kington villages (Kington Langley and Kington St Michael) and as a Kington Langley villager that lives on the outskirts of the village I very much feel I am part of both villages. My husband and I used to enjoy the coming together of locals from both villages in the Plough Inn.

Both villages have so many lovely little groups; from Book clubs to croquet, PTA’s, church groups and so much more ! The Plough provided all of these groups the option to meet in a more social and spacious environment.

The Plough inn was a great space and a very functional lay out to cater for those that wanted a more formal meal to those that wanted a relaxed drink after work. I can not understand how there seems to be no intention from the new owners to reopen as a pub. It’s nonsensical.
 The location, space and potential of The Plough inn makes it very viable for it to continue as a pub as it has for 400 years; under the right ownership.

I hope you take into great consideration the application from ‘Kington community Enterprise’ and all those in support of it; something has clearly gone very wrong in the sale and purchase of The Plough Inn and we need to do all we can to protect our Community Assets.
- Mrs T 
I often enjoyed walking out to this pub. I was horrified when I heard the present owners have ripped out the Bar furnishings without Planning Permission.
- Mr P 
Having just heard that this public house has been sold, I was very upset to hear that it will not re open as a public house. How can this be, we used to visit for a lunch or sit in the garden for a drink and it was local to us. Yes it was in need of a refresh but surely we cannot just let our pubs be sold to private investors, this need to remain a public house and I'm surprised this isn't the case.

It' is located in a fantastic place and is a definate asset to the community.
- Mrs R
As a resident of Kington Langley I believe it essential for the local community that the Plough Inn is retained as a public house.  It provides a valuable community hub and has a wealth of history and heritage that is critical to retain.  

It is important to have a local venue within walking distance and for social groups and local clubs to use to meet up. 
- Ms M
I would like to express my support for The Plough of Kington Langley to become an asset of community value.  

The loss of community spaces in villages kills the community.  There is a lot of scope for it to be an economic asset too as there is no shortage of people in the vicinity to patronise it.  The expansion of Chippenham makes this even more so.  

Resources on villagers’ doorsteps are necessary if we are all to reduce the amount we drive, in order to respond to the climate emergency.  

For me though the most compelling argument is that this is a pub of historic value.  400 years of history is irreplaceable.  

I hope you will support the people of this village to protect their identity and community spaces. 
- Ms S 
I 100% support this application, community is so important, and as we come out of lockdown it is even more important. This pub and its history has served the local community for a long time, and it is only fitting that as we look to the future, it should remain as an asset for the community for future generations.
- Mrs M 

I would like to support the application submitted by Kington Community Enterprise for restoration of the Plough. ... The Plough was always a great asset to the community for everybody, from locals to the passing public or even people on holidays in the local caravan parks. Two years ago I was fortunate enough to move back to the village through the help of friends. Seeing that the doors to the Plough were closed was very sad and it seemed like a major part of the village life had gone. Kington Langley is a lovely place to live but it does not feel the same without our local pub.

- Mr U 
I am writing in support of the KCEL community group set up by residents of the parishes of Kington Langley and Kington St Michael in order to campaign for The Plough Inn, Kington Langley to remain a public house and to be run as a community pub.

As a resident of Kington St Michael, The Plough has been a valued asset to the local community, and would continue to be as such. 

As one of the older properties in the Kington Langley and Kington St Michael wards, it is of historical value and this should be respected. At a time when many such buildings are lost to developers, it it is another example of our community being de-enriched for material gain.

In addition, with the continued growth of North Chippenham, maintaining its ability to run as a pub will provide necessary infrastructure to the growing community and a focal point for social gathering. I am not aware of such similar facilities being develop in the area to support the growing community. The Plough would assist in providing this requirement whilst providing employment opportunities, and supporting local business including breweries and food suppliers.

As a member of the local community, The Plough has played a key facility to my friends and me. Its loss has and would continue to impact on our ability to socialise.
- Mr H 
As a long standing resident [and] operating a business in Chippenham, I would like to express my concern at the closure of the Plough Inn at Kington Langley.  We regularly used this pub as an informal meeting place both socially and for business clients before its closure.  They are no other operational pubs in Kington Langley and with the expansion of Chippenham, this rural yet nearby public house is a valuable asset.
I believe this pub should be made an Asset of Community Value before it is lost forever.
- Mr P